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Other Ways to Contribute
Named Memorial Gifts & Living Tributes
Gifts in memory of individuals and living tributes require no minimum dollar amount and honor an individual, couple or family as they sustain the Foundation. The Foundation will send gift notification letters to loved ones and honorees.
A gift of $10,000 or more can be used to create an endowment named for the donor or anyone the donor specifies. The donor may designate a specific Foundation program beneficiary or allow the Board of Directors to decide how the annual income will be distributed. A special report will be developed on the website to track activities funded by the endowment. An endowment gift may be funded over a period of years.
Matching Gifts
Matching gifts multiply the benefits to the Seattle Architectural Foundation. Please check with your Human Resource Office to determine if your employer sponsors such a program. It is usually the donor's responsibility to obtain the form or instructions from the Human Resource Office and to apply for matching gift funds.
Gifts in Kind: Goods & Services
There are many ways to support SAF with your company's goods and/or services. Please contact the office directly at 206.667.9184 or email info@seattlearchitectural.org.
Check with your legal and/or financial advisor to support SAF in one of the following ways:
Gifts of Stocks and Bonds
You may make a gift to the Seattle Architectural Foundation in the form of appreciated securities in order to benefit from tax advantages that gifts of stocks and bonds provide donors. Donors can receive income tax deductions equal to the fair market value of the securities, as well as reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes on the transfer.
Gifts of Real Estate
Almost any kind of real estate can make a valuable gift to the Foundation. A deed transfer is the most common way to make a gift of real estate. An outright gift of real estate provides the donor with a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the property at the time of the gift and transfers all responsibility for real estate taxes, maintenance and insurance costs to the Foundation.
Gifts in Kind: Valuable Collections
Fine jewelry, works of art, rare books, paintings, coins and antiques can be subject to estate taxes. Donating such items during the donor's lifetime, rather than at death, not only reduces a donor's taxable estate but also reduces the donor's taxable income the year the gift is made.
Gifts of Life Insurance
By naming the Seattle Architectural Foundation as owner, primary or successor beneficiary, or irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a donor can leave a legacy to the Foundation.
A donor may make the Foundation the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount, property, or a percentage of the total estate. By naming the Seattle Architectural Foundation in a will, the donor may save on inheritance and estate taxes and help secure the Foundation's future.
Gifts that Provide Income to Donors
Donors wishing to make substantial gifts to the Foundation without giving up the asset's annual income, can do so in a number of ways. Your legal and/or financial advisor(s) can assist you in making such a gift while retaining an income for your lifetime or the lifetime of others.
Charitable Remainder —
A Charitable Remainder Trust, managed by a trustee of the donor's choice, is an excellent way to use appreciated property or securities to provide a dependable lifelong income. The donor secures an immediate charitable income tax deduction and eliminates paying capital gains tax while the trust pays an annual stipend to the donor and/or a beneficiary. After the donor's lifetime, the annual income from the Trust benefits the Seattle Architectural Foundation.
Charitable Lead Trusts —
A Charitable Lead Trust allows the donor to transfer assets to others with substantial savings on gift and estate taxes. Assets are transferred to a trust for a period of time during which the trust pays an income to the Foundation. At the period's end, the original assets return to either the donor or to another non-charitable beneficiary, often the donor's children or grandchildren. Depending on the type of Charitable Lead Trust selected, the donor may receive a current tax deduction or choose to defer taxation on the income earned by the trust.
Gift Annuity —
A Gift Annuity provides tax advantages and an income stream to the donor or donor's designees and, later, an important gift to the Seattle Architectural Foundation. Annuities, small and large, provide a good return rate that can be paid now, or later, such as during the donor's retirement years.


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