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Envision the Future of Seattle!

Thank you to everyone who participated over the summer in our ARC.I.TEK workshop and competition, which was developed as a program to inspire youth with the 1962 World's Fair vision of the future and assist them in designing their own vision for a Seattle World's Fair in 2062.

The program is designed to engage and guide entrants in learning the process of architecture and design, and assist them to shape their vision of the future. Ultimately, the goal is to empower young citizens to make a difference in their city.

ARC.I.TEK emphasizes the following criteria within it's workshops:

Check out the ARC.I.TEK New Hive website. Each design entry in the ARC.I.TEK Program has its own web page.

For more information about bringing an ARC.I.TEK workshop into your school, classroom, or after-school program, please contact the SAF Program Director at aletheia@seattlearchitecture.org or 206-667-9184.


The Arc.i.Teks

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